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Jennifer Manson is an author, professional speaker and interviewer.

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"To thine ownself be true..."

Truth is not an absolute. It is not something that exists through time once and for all; it is something that expresses through each of us, from our hearts and souls, in each moment and in the context of each moment, through deep, gut-wrenching courage – or not.

Truth is something we feel and know about ourselves; not something we impose on others or require them to agree with. Truth is our path through the world, our unique contribution to life and to history. In living our truth – whatever that is and wherever we are – we inspire others to live their truth, also.

In this book you will find a space of deep connection with your own truth. As you read, your purpose will come into clearer focus and you will be called into powerful action to bring that purpose alive.

Relax into the process and enjoy the opportunity to explore the person you are and the person you are destined to be.

“… and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

- Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Scene III

Easy front cover

Easy - Stories from an effortlessly created life

Available from Amazon and other book and eBook sites

What if it were possible to achieve your life's ambition in quarter the time you expected and without breaking a sweat?

Jennifer Manson has mastered the art of Easy, effortlessly creating her dream life. Easy is a series of light-hearted stories from her life and work, in which she cheerfully simplifies the practical aspects of living. However big or small your goals may be, or if you simply want to experience more colour, spark and fun on a daily basis, Easy will inspire you to live an easier life.

Accessible and witty, the wisdom in these stories will stay with you, enhancing your life in unforeseen ways, for a long, long time...



Price $30 plus $7 P+P

Delusions of grandeur – that’s what I’ve got, so they tell me. But what if they aren’t delusions? What if I can change the world?

For as long as Jackie can remember, she has dreamed of the ultimate invention, the one simple thing that will radically improve lives. She thinks she has found it, and she wants everyone to know about it – but that means leaving her quiet life and going out into the world.

Is she ready for the changes she is facing? Can she hold onto herself through the challenges of her new life? And is there any possible way to keep everyone around her happy, through it all?
Slow Time.jpg

Slow Time

Price $30 plus $7 P+P

The only thing certain in life is change.

I came home from university to find my once thriving home town is dying, and none of the people who raised me have had the heart to turn it around.

With my fresh new Business degree it’s obvious: I’m the one. But how can I? How can I even begin to turn all those relationships, with all those people, upside down?


Law of Attraction - a novel

Price $30 plus $7 P+P

About any life there are many stories that can be told: happy, sad, tragic, comic.

Julia thinks she has her future mapped out, until the unexpected happens, and the life she planned is gone.

Now it's up to her to decide: is she staring at a blank future, or a blank canvas, on which she can create something beautiful?

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Tasha Stuart interviews

Price $30 plus $7 P+P

Being a professional interviewer is Tasha Stuart's dream job, giving her a backstage pass to the world of rock stars, celebrity chefs and criminal masterminds.

The only problem is that people don't always tell the truth about themselves, and being responsible for the image they present to the world has the potential to backfire.

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The Old Occidental Writers' Hotel

Price $30 plus $7 P+P

Lose everything and find yourself. That's the bargain. I don't remember making it, I can't imagine ever agreeing to it, and now I'm in the midst of it, I'm not sure I'll survive.

Lisa's preferred approach to life has always been wild optimism with a back-up plan of burying her head in the sand. When she finds herself without husband, home or income, it quickly becomes clear her trusted strategies won't work.

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The Moment of Change

Price $30 plus $7 P+P

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Jennifer brings you the wisdom of a wide range of experts in the form of written and audio interviews.

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Jennifer inspires audiences to create a vision and fulfill it.

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From articles on how to create your ideal home to short stories and novels, Jennifer's writing is full of inspiration and practical strategies for fulfilling your dreams.

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